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Was great to see my work all over the Tesco stores. Printed on the aisle fins and recipe card hand outs for an advertising run in January 2020.

My photography featured on the Knorr website. Following the link on the social media post brings the viewer to their website full of recipes and cooking tips. 

Having worked with Hellmann's for the past year I've had many of my images posted across their social media. Including their global accounts which has led to my work being viewed by thousands of people.

Loffi created a cycling glove to ease tension on the roads. Working on video and stills for this start up company was fulfilling and is great to see it going so well. My work for Loffi has also been published in Wired, DeZeen and Cycling weekly

GoBoat rent easy to drive picnic boats to see the sights of London. Regulars on on Regents canal, they opened up a new site in Kingston. I shot a series of stills for both sites and have had them published in various London magazines as well as the GoBoat Website.

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